SEYDOU KEITA @ GRAND PALAIS, PARIS: Cinderella re-imagined!

I have been to Seydou Keita Exhibition this week end.

It made me feel proud. An african artist at the Grand Palais! It made me feel nostalgic. My dear grand father, Boubacar Diop, « tirallieur senegalais ». It made me curious. Are these 2 people still in love? Those twins looked so happy on their father laps…how did they grow up? This old woman…i wish she could tell me the story of her life.  And this one…1955. A young african woman portrait. It reminded me Cinderella (Disney, 1950). From tip to toe elegance and contrast. The crown, the white earring and the watch that will set her appart from the others. The velvelt gown sewed by a « fairy » tailor across the street, probably for less than 500FCFA at that time? The luxury bag that she holds with pride. and then THE SHOE… white leather and silver embroidery high heel, presented on the precious fabric that  will be only seen when dancing or …?

She is beautiful. She is confident. She is proud. Where was she going? What was she wishing for? Had she find her prince? Did they live happily ever after?

« have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. no matter how your heart is grieving. if you keep on believing. the dream taht you wish will come true. » Lyrics from cinderella, Disney. 

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